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On-demand webinar | Recorded February 2024 

There’s a growing understanding that traumatic events have lasting impacts on mental health, and that providers, educators, and people leaders should employ a trauma-informed approach. But what does “trauma-informed” mean, and how can you put this perspective into practice?

In this free webinar, Talkspace clinical leaders will teach the signs and symptoms of trauma in employees, students, and families, and how to integrate knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices to avoid re-traumatization and promote healing.

Webinar will cover: 

  • The current expert thinking on the effects of trauma 
  • How trauma presents in the workplace and other group settings
  • Practical tips for leading with a trauma informed lens
  • Practical ways to encourage self-care and connect people with professional support

Talkspace Speakers:

Untitled design (4)
Laura Magnuson
LAMFT, VP of Clinical Engagement 
Untitled design (6)-1
Liz Colizza
LPC, NCC, Director of Programs & Research 

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