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Case study: Mental health support for college students

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A data-driven analysis of how students enrolled in a large University have utilized and benefited from Talkspace virtual mental health support

When a large public University in the Midwest launched a partnership with Talkspace in August 2021 the school was motivated by a desire to make mental health support accessible to any student who needed it, quickly and conveniently.

They chose to partner with Talkspace because the service would be available to students year-round, from anywhere, so it could reach students who are online only, out of state, or unable or unwilling to come to a brick-and-mortar counseling center for mental health services.

This case study looks at the results, including how students are utilizing Talkspace, which conditions and needs they seek help with, and student outcomes and satisfaction with their Talkspace therapists.

Download the case study today. 



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