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Use This Stress Performance Curve to Determine if Your Team Is Burning Out

Most of us are experiencing high levels of stress firsthand, living through the global COVID-19 pandemic.But when stress is in the right balance, it can even be mentally healthy.

Helping employees feel happy and productive isn’t just about reducing stress, but taking a nuanced approach to viewing performance—and stress levels—on a spectrum.

The stress performance curve maps the relationship between how much stress someone is experiencing with their ability to achieve their goals.

Here’s how:

  • Without enough "positive" stress or pressure, employees become bored and unmotivated. They feel like they’re not growing and may seek other opportunities.
  • At the top of the curve, workers are engaged in challenging but exciting tasks. This level of stress is motivating and doesn’t overload you.
  • After the peak, employees can quickly descend into exhaustion and burnout.


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