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Live Webinar | June 20th, 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EST

NYC Teenspace has recently reported the early positive impacts of the program which is providing free mental health support for NYC teens 13 - 17 through the NYC Health Department, powered by Talkspace. Join us as we share early learnings and unveil the NYC Teenspace Summer Calendar of Events.

Hear from the NYC Teenspace program team as they share:

  • Initial successes, including how many teens have enrolled, top zip codes represented, and other demographic information 
  • Summer activities to promote mental health across the city
  • Opportunities you can share with students/teens on how they can get involved with NYC Teenspace this summer
Lea Krugolets
Talkspace Senior Director of Youth Programs
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Ryan Kelly, LCSW
Lead Clinician of Youth Programs

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